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Are you considering buying property in Murcia? The region of Murcia is made up of a variety of landscapes including mountains, rivers and desert. It is situated between Valencia and Malaga and has some lovely beaches such as Bolnuevo and El Castallar which are both family friendly. The Murcia region is very fertile and produces a variety of fresh vegetables which also include lettuce, tomatoes, citrus fruits and like most other Spanish regions it also produces its own wine which is very good. Murcia benefits from sunshine all year round and it is the ideal place if you are looking to buy property in Spain. View our list of property for sale in Murcia.

Buying Property in Murcia

Should you choose to buy a property in Murcia you are only 73 Km (approximately) away from the airport at Alicante. If water sports is your thing then there is a salt-water lagoon close by called Mar Menor "Little Sea" which is ideal. However if your prefer something more cultural then you may enjoy the Holy Week procession which takes place in April and includes the procession of elaborate sculptures through the city showing Jesus' life over the crucifixion week. Throughout the year there are a number of different festivals and celebrations in Murcia. The region of Murcia has a population of 1.2 million with nearly 400,000 (approximately) living in the city of Murcia.

One of the most beautiful and historic cities in Spain is Murcia. With its combination of Moorish influence, impressive city walls and beautiful cathedral it can easily be seen why it is a favorite for visitors and why people choose to buy property in this region. Some of the architect is truly breathtaking and everywhere you look there is more to see. The Cathedral at Murcia is a must with its tower measuring 92 meters in height and its ornate architecture. Most of the old town is pedestrianised and the river Rio Segura runs through the center of the city which adds to its attraction. The historic buildings of Murcia are mainly in the Baroque or Rococo style and any new property that is for sale in the area has been developed to compliment this distinctive architectural design.

The people of Murcia are very warm and friendly to visitors. Murcia has a large number of students because of the university there, the university was founded in 1915 and the building is very impressive and is well worth a visit.

Close to the city of Murcia is the city of Cartagena with its historic port. The port is Spain's major naval seaport dating back to the time of Philip II of Spain and there is still a large shipyard there for the Navy. The City was founded by General Hasdrubal in 230 BC and he called it the "New City" because of it's location and importance to Spain. The town is walled and in the old center there are many places of historic interest and museums to visit. For those who have chosen to buy property in the region of Murcia; Cartagena is a favorite to explore because it is steeped in history and the harbour is well worth a visit.

Another important city in the Murcia region is Lorca. During Holy Week they hold their own processions which have a unique atmosphere, baroque statues of saints are carried through the center and amateur plays are carried out in the streets. Lorca dates back to the Bronze Age and has a fascinating history. It's narrow streets and alleys hold a number of 18th century baroque churches.

It is easy to see why people would choose the region of Murcia to buy property in; it is an interesting and deeply historic area to enjoy. Added to this you can enjoy the scenery, the many tapas bars where you can sample local foods and the hospitality of the local people wherever in the region you choose to buy your property.

Property for sale in Murcia, Spain


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